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There was a bug on XRally 1.1, that made the game use lots of CPU. If you were having this problem, just download this patch and apply it to the source.
To apply it:
Go to the xrally source dir and run:
patch < xrally-1.1.1.patch
Then recompile the game and it should run fine. (thanks to Oren Held for pointing this out)
BTW, I'm leaving town today, and won't be back until Feb 1st. So, if you have any problem with the game, I'm afraid that I won't be able to help you until I'm back. Sorry about that.


XRally 1.1 is out!
There has been a lot of changes, but the main ones are below:
  • Added a new level, suitable for beginners (Easy Level)
  • Updated xpm2xrally, to be more forgiving about the xpm syntax
  • Changed some of the maps a bit
  • Added a xm2mod utility, to convert music from the xm format to the mod format (The one that XRally uses)
  • Added an intro tune
  • Added a new level option, to set how many tiles are painted on the screen at a time
  • Added HTML documentation on how to play the game
  • The sound now works fine on PowerPC
  • Loads of sounds enhancements
  • Added more information on the game screen. You can now know the current map where you are, the hiscore for the current level, among with other stuff.
  • Added ANSI color codes to debug messages
  • Lots of changes in the intro menu: Added a nice background image, added some blending effects and shading/unshading of the menu itens
  • Added blended windows to all the in game windows
  • Slowed down the default car speed
  • Added some help windows
  • Fixed lot of bugs, added others

Deep thanks to Claudio Matsuoka for the new background image, the shading menu stuff, all the changes in the sound code and a lot of bug fixes. Deep thanks also to Josh Franklin for the html documentation and the help desigining the new game screen.


XRally has now a project account at Sourceforge!
It's homepage is still at linuxgames.com, on the same address, but we now have a cvs repository, a new mailing list (with web-based subscription), and another mirror for the sources, along with other nifty stuff. To see XRally's project page, go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/xrally.
On a related note, we also have rpms, srpms and debs avaiable at Sourceforge or at the ftp directory!


XRally 1.0 is out! It is quite stable and it deserves to be a integer number.
The changes from the 1.0.pre5 version:
  • Applied the sounds fix patch
  • Fixed bug when pressing ESC on the "Select level to view hiscores" screen ("Loading hiscores for (null)")
  • Removed lots of debug messages (three debug levels)
  • New layout of splash screen (more informative)
  • Shows level info while loading it
  • Sound is now enabled by default
Rpms and debs packages should be availabe ASAP. Meanwhile, you can get the sources at our ftp directory.


We now have a debian package! Get it on the ftp directory. Please contact the author, at helllabs.org of any problems.
Or, If you want to get the package with apt, add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb http://helllabs.org/~claudio/xrally/debian woody/i386/
We also have a new patch (agains 1.0.pre5) with sound fixes and the debian files. You can also get it at the ftp directory
This patch is probably going into XRally 1.0, so please apply it and try to break it as hard as you can! :)
(Deep thanks to Claudio Matsuoka for this contributions)


There is a bug in the pre5 version, that caused the program to segfault. If this is happening to you, just edit the file menu.c, on line 80, and change:
  info = (char **)calloc(n, sizeof(char *));
  info = (char **)calloc(m, sizeof(char *));  
If you hadn't download the pre5 version yet, there is no need to worry, as I have fixed this bug on the package.
Thanks to Scott Urban, Anatoly Orehovsky, Haim Dimermamas, spot the dog, ssheikh and Morten Engan for theirs bug reports.(And sorry for this inconvenience)


XRally 1.0.pre5 is out!
The changes:
  • New interface look
  • New routines for choosing options
  • It's now possible to view the hiscores
  • Game logo on main screen
  • New in-game windows
  • Show a quick abstract about your score at the end of the level
  • New splash screen (featuring a scrollbar)
  • Two new levels/tilesets: water and rock
  • Tells the player about each level before he chooses one
The new interface looks really good. Deep thanks to everyone that helped me design it, and to Josh Frankling for the XRally logo.
Also note that this is the last pre release until the 1.0 release. (Now XRally will have a integer number! :) )


New poll! Please tell me which of the changes that happened during this pre* releases you liked most.


The new menu interface has undergoing some serious development, and it is already usable! I have put a snapshot of the current XRally development at the ftp directory, under the name xrally-1.0pre5.tar.bz2. Please note that this isn't the official pre5 release yet, but almost 90% of the new interface is already working. So download it and please tell me about all the bugs you found and suggestions that you have. (Also tell me if you liked the new interface).


Binary and sources rpms for the 1.0.pre4 release are now avaiable at the ftp directory!. Please note that the binary rpms were compiled with sound support enabled.
Also, we have two new tilesets and levels. They are a water/boat based and a rocks ones. Please note that they still need more maps, so all contributions are welcomed. You can also get them at the ftp directory!. (Deep thanks to Alex Dekker for this contribution)


There is a bug in the pre4 release, that should cause some compilation problems when running it without the sound suport enabled. To fix it, change the file main.c, in line 354, to look like:

#ifdef USE_SOUND

Thanks to Oren Held to pointing it out to me.
The distribution has already been fixed, so you only will have to change the main.c file if you downloaded it yesterday.



XRally 1.0.pre4 is out! We are almost at the 1.0 version! The list of changes:
  • Removed "leo" tileset
  • Added two new levels: Runner (which has a gameplay a little different from the others XRally levels) and Classic (which uses the classic tileset, is a mix of the Mirax level with some other maps)
  • Fixed a bug when you passed through a enemy car like nothing had happened
  • Fixed a bug on the delay functions. Now, the game will run a little more slowly on fast computers, so that they can get a better hold of things.
  • Lots of changes on the main game loop. Now you don't have to restart the game only to play on another level
  • New carai argument, that disables all the player control of the car. (Useful for demonstration maps)
  • The enemy now waits some time before starting, like in the original RallyX (enemywait option)
  • Some fixes on the hiscore system
  • Added support for pits. Pits are obstacles like rocks, oil, roadblocks, etc, and neither you or the enemy can touch them (like in the orignal RallyX)


XRally 1.0.pre3.1 released. This is sort of a bugfix release, fixing some important bugs with "make install" (Thanks for Okki for pointing it out). If you had this sort of a trouble or haven't got the pre3 version yet, then get it.
It also includes some cosmetics changes to the maps and tilesets and a new option, to give the player extra points when he wins a level and has lives remaining.
Besides, there is now a screenshot of the game with the classic tileset at the screenshots page.


XRally 1.0.pre3 released!! The changes:
  • Hiscore system (Still experimental)
  • Displays full radar at the start of the map
  • New radar modes (Thanks to Anatoly A. Orehovsky for the idea and code)
  • New moving subroutines (Much better control)
  • Players car AI is now optional (You can adjust it to only turn when you want to)
  • Added the xpm2xrally program to the main distribution (and made it compatible with the lastest map specification)
  • Classic tileset (Thanks to Claudio Matsuoka for the images)
  • Can now draw borders around the level (Thanks to Claudio Matsuoka for the patch)
  • Fixed some bugs that caused problems with Macintoshs (Thanks to Claudio Matsuoka for the patch)
  • And the most important of all, added sound support! (Run configure with '--enable-sound'. Thanks to - guess who? - Claudio Matsuoka for the patch and the mod files)
You can get the source at the ftp directory!


XRally 1.0.pre2 released!! The changes:
  • Extra points for remaining fuel at the end of a map
  • Extra lives when got a lot of points
  • Changes in the configure script, should help debug some problems
  • Added bonus map option (maps who work as bonus stages)
  • Added fuel option (sets the start fuel of the map and the impact it haves on your speed when it ends)
You can get rpms or tarballs at the ftp directory!


Binary and source rpms added to the ftp directory!
Besides, the OLinux page has a very nice article(sorry, portuguese only) about XRally. I admit it is a little biased, because I wrote it... :)
But it explains how XRally works, how to install and play, along with some screenshots.


Ops, I forgot to remove a file in the distribution. Just remove the "Cool Level" symlink in the maps/ subdirectory and it will run fine. You can play it without removing the file, just don't try to play at this level... :)
Or if you have enough bandwidth, download the file again, as it has been fixed.
Thanks to Frank Ehmsem for pointing it out to me.


XRally 1.0.pre1 released!! The changes:
  • New level format!!! Much more customizable and powerful!
  • Moved the level loading functions from the map.[ch] to the level.[ch] files
  • Segfault when loading some maps fixed (Thanks to Anatoly A. Orehovsky for the patch)
  • Improvements in the menu screen (Thanks to Keith McDowell for the patch)
  • Mirax and Silver levels added to the distribution

To see all the changes in the level format, take a look at the file "levels" in the distribution and in the "Test Level" in the maps/ directory.
Goals for XRally 1.0:

  • Put most of the config variables as map/level options
  • 10.000 (?) points = 1 life
  • Points for remaining fuel at the end of a map
  • Use a new radar mode
  • Oil pits
  • Hi-score system
  • New splash screen
Pre versions will be released until all these goal are met. Although not complete, these pre versions should be stable (at least I try to do my best! :) )


Anatoly A. Orehovsky submitted a nice patch that should fix some segfaults when loading certain maps. To apply it, just save to disk and run "patch -c < xrally.patch" in the xrally source directory.


XRally now has a really nice logo (thanks to Josh Franklin)

xpm2xrally 1.0 released! It is a small utility that I wrote to transform xpm images into xrally maps. It must be improved in several ways, but it works really nice by now. As always, any feedback is appreciated. (you can get it at the download page)

Together with xpm2xrally are two new levels, made by my brother with it. You can also get them at the download page (to install them, just untar the package at your maps/ subdirectory - usually /usr/local/share/xrally/maps)

To finish, there is a new poll! Just take a look to the right!


Binary and sources rpms released. Get then at our ftp server.

While XRally doesn't have a joystick interface, I tried KBStick, a small application that sends fake keyboard messages to the X server when you press a joystick button.
But to make it usable for XRally, you have to made the following changes (after compiling the program):

Open the qscript file and add the following line:
And also change the lines who reads:

Then, just run ./qstick and then run XRally. You should be able to control the menus and car with the joystick.
(of course, you also need a joystick driver. Get one here)


XRally 0.9 released! We are getting closer to a complete 1.0 version!
The changes:

  • Lives
  • Some changes in the main game loop. Should reduce the slowdown problems (Thanks to Tommy Thorn for the help)
  • Automatically loads sprite sizes (no need to recompile when changing tileset)
  • Lots of cosmetic changes
  • Error checking when loading images/tilesets (loads from the default tileset if needed)
  • Score system (and display the value of a flag when you get it)
  • Car gets slower when the fuel ends, until stopping
  • Crash tile (displayed when you are got by the enemy)
You can see a screenshot of the new version at the screenshots page!
The binary and sources rpms should come along any time soon... you can get the source tarball at the download page.


XRally now has a mailing list!
Send a mail to listar@middleearth.telefragged.com with "subscribe xrally" in the subject (or click here)
To send mail to the list, just write to xrally@middleearth.telefragged.com

We also now have this nice poll to the right. It isn't 100% tested yet, but it should work. (Code from http://www.robplanet.com)


New homepage!
Please, take your time to look around and them send me a email with your thoughts about it. Graphic stuff and HTML isn't my strongest point, so everyone is encouraged to help me with this!


New url! XRally is now hosted at linuxgames.com.
Expect a new homepage soon!


XRally 0.8.pre2 released. The changes:

  • Enemy car now turns around when confused
  • Lights before start (Red, Yellow, Green!)
  • Improvements on splash screen (no need to reload when changing maps)
  • Changed the passable tile name from "grass" to "road"
  • Custom tiles sizes and screen resolution (read the README.pre2 file)

The main change in this version is that now you can have tiles of any size you want and choose how many of them are painted on the screen at a time.
This version is labeled "pre" because it's main purpose is to test what is the better resolution/tile size. The file README.pre2 has the instructions on how to configure that.
Any doubt or question, please send me!

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XRally is the result of the work of many talented people. Take a look at the authors page for details.
Special thanks to linuxgames for hosting the game
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